Who we are at Carectomy

Hi There!

I’m Tony and welcome to my website Carectomy.

I’m an avid biker and love commuting using modes of transportation sans cars.

With an extensive understanding about the subject, I keep traveling across the world searching for some of the best eBikes and eScooters available in the market.

Part of my job ensures that i have hands-on experience with each product. At times I tend to meet the manufacturers and designers of these wonderful modes of transport to understand what they’re all about and what their core objectives are.

What we do at Carectomy

With changes in the way the world is functioning, it’s high time we all take a stand against cars as “the ideal” mode of transportation.

We are a team of dedicated individuals who have one thing on our mind, Going Green!

Along with my team members we cover a range of topics from the latest and best to the cheapest eBikes or eScooters available in the market.

Our Reviews

We review the following:

  1. eBikes
  2. eScooters
  3. Motorcycles
  4. Bicycles

and more..

How do we earn?

Carectomy earns revenue via referrals, this means that any purchase made via the links listed in each article on our website will lead us to receive a commission from the source.

We also have the ability to earn revenue from the advertisements we run across the website.

All readers and potential buyers will not be charged any additional fee from Carectomy.