Best 36V Electric Bikes

Best 36V Electric Bikes in 2022 | For a Speedy and Eco-Friendly Commute

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. It definitely has shown us that minimizing environmental impact will have several direct and indirect positives. For starters, it has shown that green transportation is one of the best ways to alleviate your daily commuting woes without deepening the climate crisis. Electric bikes or e-bikes have become some of the quintessential components of green transportation in the last quarter of a decade.

Electric bikes are available in two variants, namely; 36V and 48V. This represents the voltage of the battery powering the bike and can also determine how fast and how far you can go on a single charge. As you would have guessed, 36V bikes have a lower voltage and won’t run as long.

But, if you’re looking for a starter electric bike, 36V ones are the way to go. Due to the penetration of major global players in the electric bike manufacturing industry, you might be presented with a flurry of options whenever you want to make an online purchase.

We understand this confusion that you might be facing and so we want to make life easier for you. Check out the expert-curated list of the best 36V electric bikes that will ease your purchase decisions.

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36V or 48V – Which is Better?

Since the best e-bikes available online are typically equipped with a 36V or a 48V battery, debates often arise to decide which one is better. To give you a better idea, we will discuss the attributes of both the batteries in context to certain terminologies. 

  • Speed – When it comes to equating speed with battery volts, a 48V e-bike will definitely allow you to attain more speed compared to a 36V e-bike, with comparatively lesser use of intrinsic muscle power. 
  • Power – Calculated in terms of wattage, the power of an e-bike battery often decides its performance and lifespan. If the measure of the current is kept constant for both the batteries, the 48V one provides more power compared to the 36V bike. 
  • Range – This parameter is equivalent to the mileage of a vehicle. Saving the extra voltage while riding the bike can help you attain more range. Thus, a 48V bike has lesser range compared to a 36V one. 

Although these terminologies decide which one amongst the 36V and 48V battery has a better performance.

There are other factors like the complexity of the terrain, the weight of the frame and the rider combined, and your purpose – off-roading or accelerating across an urban landscape, that should be taken into consideration while deciding which battery is tailored to meet your unique requirements. 

Basic Components of an Electric Bike

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When it comes to an e-bike, the components are quite similar to a typical, traditional bicycle. However, apart from the pedals and the frame, an e-bike contains the following components -l

  • An integrated motor for forward propulsion
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • A USB port for charging the batteries. 

When it comes to the available voltages of the batteries that power an e-bike, the major players are primarily concentrating on two variants – 

  • 36V 
  • 48V

Top 6 Best 36V Electric Bikes

Ancheer 36V Electric Bike

Best 36V Electric Bikes

Combining power, performance and solid customer reviews, the Ancheer 36V electric bike offers you a seamless ride experience both in mountains as well as across smooth terrain. The light and strong body, along with a removable 36V lithium ion battery, multiple work modes and easy serviceability makes this product a stunner in its category. 

Velowave 36V Hybrid Electric Road Bike

Best 36V Electric Bikes

With a 250W hub-driven Bafang motor with pedal assist, this convenient e-bike ensures top speeds of 15 mph and a reliable lithium ion battery for a stable output for more than 30 miles. Being lightweight and of an advanced configuration, sporting 7-speed transmission modes, dual brake system, and broader tires, this 36V hybrid e-bike is amongst the best bets you can place. 

Zhengbu JF01 36V Folding Electric Bike

Best 36V Electric Bikes

Offering a top speed of 20 to 30 mph, this foldable 36V e-bike is one of a kind. It is lightweight, available in multiple colors and equipped with a rear drive motor system. Although the price point is a little above the rest, its incredible range of nearly 40 miles per charge totally justifies it. 

AKEZ 006 36V Folding Mountain Electric Bike

Best 36V Electric Bikes

With a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, this 36V foldable e-bike is one of the top products in its category that offers seamless convenience while accelerating through urban landscapes and even traversing over undulating terrain. The 2 passenger capacity, top speed of 15 mph and a range of nearly 40 miles per charge makes this an affordable pick amongst its online competitors. 

HIMO C20 36V Foldable Urban E-bike

Best 36V Electric Bikes

This foldable e-bike with a 250W motor and a 36V removable lithium ion battery is one of the best choices for moving across the city. The single-seater e-bike is compatible with every gender and offers a uniquely comfortable ride experience. 

Taoci Adult 36V Electric Bike

Best 36V Electric Bikes

This adult 36V e-bike offers a seamless operation with more than 40 miles of range per power up. The 2 passenger capacity, sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame, and peak wattage of 500W are some of the high-points of this superb e-bike. 

The list presented above is a result of in-depth research tallied with customer feedback, online reviews, testimonials and the like. Therefore, it will help you to make a holistic purchase decision and avoid any confusion. 

Best 36V Electric Bikes – Buyer’s Guide

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As it seems, there are several e-bikes that are tailor-made to serve their purposes, be it fitness or climbing hills or simply cruising through the cities. You need to select an e-bike based on the attribute that stands out and serves your needs.

We aim to empower our readers and transform them into conscious and informed consumers who can make important purchase decisions on their own. So let’s check out some of the indicative specifications that will enable you to make a purchase.


Certain 36V electric bikes have a foldable frame. As a result, their portability increases. You can carry these electric bikes anywhere with you – whether you are traveling through the countryside, hiking through rugged terrain or simply moving about the city. Apart from portability, a foldable e-bike also enables easy storage, since they become highly compact when folded. 

Design of the Frame

It is another major parameter that will influence your buying decision. An electric bike with a step-through frame will ensure adjustment according to your stature and ensure comfort while riding. Certain e-bikes are sleek while others are quite heavy and broad-structured.

The overall design and geometry of the frame is essential as the ones with taller frames offer greater ground clearance for easy navigation around obstacles. These days, you even have e-bikes with lightweight ergonomic frames that enhance your bike’s maneuverability. You should carefully decide on every attribute of the frame and go with the one that makes riding the most comfortable experience for you.

Quality and positioning of the motor

The quality and positioning of the motor are extremely important parameters that will help you decide which e-bike to purchase. Usually, brushless DC motors or BLDC motors are the ones that are in vogue for the best e-bikes for over a decade.

Amongst the different types of hub motors, the direct drive hub motor is the most common. However, gear drive hub motors and friction motors are also widely used. In case your priority is off-roading across treacherous terrain, you must prefer a mid-drive motor over a hub-driven one due to its better performance and torque while driving the crank and beautifully adjusting to the bike’s existing gears.

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We have observed that e-bikes offer different kinds of motor controllers. For example – pedal-assisted e-bikes with speed sensor, torque sensors, and throttle-equipped e-bikes that enable the rider to make use of the motor without pedaling. You should inspect carefully and do your personal research before you are going ahead to make a purchase. 


Another important attribute that helps you identify the ideal e-bike according to your priorities is the wheel size and dimensions. A 26-inch wheel size is the most common and widely available for almost every e-bike available across online stores. These are more suited for the smooth roads in the urban landscape and cannot accommodate beefier tires for off-road use. Although a wider tire offers a smoother ride, the associated rolling resistance reduces the speed. 

However, a 29-inch wheel size is equipped with more support to accommodate bikers over rugged or bumpy terrain and ensure a smooth riding experience. It helps carry the rider’s momentum better, offers more traction and corning ability considering the bike’s geometry and makes it a more stable ride on dirt paths and gravel roads. 


Your budget often plays an important role while deciding which e-bike you should get for yourself. Hence, it is essential to conduct a personal research where you apply price filters and view the e-bikes that adhere to your budget without compromising on specifications. 


Which is the best 36V electric bike to buy?

According to our study, the best 36V electric bike in 2021 is the Ancheer 36V electric bike, considering overall capacities and attributes. It can be easily maneuvered across smooth terrain and even be used to climb uphill comfortably. 

What is the most powerful e-bike – 36V or 48V?

While going for absolute power, you must select a 48V e-bike over a 36V one. 

How fast can a 36V e-bike go?

The typical 36V e-bikes have a top speed of 20 to 25 mph. 

Is 250W enough for an e-bike?

A 250W power output is enough for a flat and cruising ride across the urban landscapes. However, if you are a heavy rider who wishes to traverse hills and mountains, this kind of a power output might fall short of your requirements. 

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