Best Chinese ATVs

Best Chinese ATVs in 2021

Quad bikes or ATVs are the rage these days as they provide the highest levels of comfort and safety regardless of the terrain you’re riding on. They are brilliant pieces of transportation to own if you’re living in the countryside or own a lake-side home.

But, ATVs or Quad bikes are expensive and not everyone can own one. If you’re in the market for an ATV and have a tight budget, then the best choice for you would be a high-performance Chinese ATV.

Yup, Chinese ATVs are great, offer some pretty cool features, are equipped with high performance motors and are built to last. Chinese ATVs may not be on par with those from brands like Yamaha or Kawasaki, but they’re the best bang for your buck.

Our team at Electro Mobiler have tested a wide range of Chinese ATVs and have found these following 6 products to be the best in the market right now. They are efficient, built from high quality components and are completely safe to use.

Here are the top 6 best Chinese ATVs money can buy.

  • X-Pro 125cc ATV
  • X-Pro 200 ATV
  • Offroad Mall AM 110cc Quad Bike
  • TDPro 500W Mini ATV
  • Tao Tao ATA125D ATV with Reverse
  • Tao Tao ATV250D 250cc Quad Bike

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Top 6 Best Chinese ATVs

X-Pro 125cc ATV

Best Chinese ATV

The X-Pro 125cc quad bike is probably the best under $1000 Chinese ATV we’ve tested. It comes equipped with a powerful 4-stroke 125cc Air-cooled engine and features an automatic reverse gear along with a top speed of 35mph. 

This quad bike also features an electric start system, large 19” tires that offer brilliant ground clearance and a decent 2L fuel tank which can provide you with up to 90-10km of coverage.

Based on tests, this ATV can carry a total load of 198lbs at a time and thanks to the independent double swing arm front suspension and the single swing arm rear suspension, traveling on uneven terrain or farmland is a piece of cake.

Key Features

  • LED headlights and tail lights
  • Automatic transmission system
  • Single cylinder 4-stroke engine
  • Chain drive system
  • 2L Fuel tank capacity
  • Front drum brake
  • Rear disc brake

X-Pro 200 ATV

Best Chinese ATV

The X-Pro 200 is a 169cc 4-stroke, air cooled engine that has been specially designed to prevent overheating. It’s one of the most popular ATVs in the market and comes equipped with large 23” tires making it one of the largest and most reliable Chinese ATVs on this list.

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It’s a wonderful choice especially since this ATV also has bright front and rear LED lights and is built to be extremely durable. This ATV comes with an automatic transmission and a reverse gear, a built-in luggage rack and features an electric start system along with heavy-duty brakes that ensure your safety.

We noticed that this ATV comes packaged in a large carton and you will need to assemble the parts together. This whole process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to an hour to complete and once done, you will be surprised at just how well-built this ATV really is.

Key Features

  • 169cc 4-stroke engine
  • Air cooled 
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Equipped with a utility rack and luggage rack
  • Comes with a front bumper
  • Large 23”/22” wheels
  • Chain drive and electric start systems

Offroad Mall AM 110cc Quad Bike

Best Chinese ATV

If you’re looking  for a beginner ATV, then the Offroad Mall AM quad bike is the one for you. This Chinese ATV comes equipped with everything you need for a safe ride and runs on a high-performance 110cc 4-stroke automatic motor that comes with a reasonably large 2.4L fuel tank making it ideal for long distance rides.

Quite like other ATVs on this list, the AM110 is air cooled and designed to prevent the engine from overheating. It’s large enough to carry a young adult up to 132 lbs and along with front and rear spring shock suspensions, this ATv offers a really smooth ride.

The Offroad Mall AM110 is sold dismantled and each kit would include a highly durable front bumper, a rear rack, bright LED headlights and taillights and 14.5” air-filled knobby rubber tires that are designed to handle any terrain with ease.

Key Features

  • 110cc air-cooled engine
  • 2.4L fuel tank
  • Large air-filled offroad tires
  • Durable body, front bumper and luggage rack
  • Low maintenance engine

TDPro 500W Mini ATV

Best Chinese ATV

The TDPro is a mini quad bike that is built for kids and priced at under $600. It’s probably one of the most affordable high-quality Chinese ATVs in the market that comes equipped with a performance 500W motor and two high capacity 12V 12Ah batteries that let you travel at around 10mph.

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It’s designed to be lightweight and can support up to 150lbs at a time. You get a front bumper and a rear luggage carrier that can be used to carry anything you want comfortably. The TDPro also uses 13” knobby tires which are ideal for backyard fun.

Compared to their other models, the 500W quad bike has a key start ignition, meter for the battery, dual speed modes and forward/reverse capabilities. While this Chinese ATV may not be perfect for adults, it makes a great gift for your child especially if you have the space in your backyard.

Key Features

  • 500W motor with 2 x 12V 12Ah batteries
  • Dual front disc brakes
  • Single rear disc brake
  • 5 hours charging time
  • 13” knobby air-filled tires
  • Dual front shock absorbers
  • Single rear shock absorber

Tao Tao ATA125D ATV with Reverse

Best Chinese ATV

The TaoTao ATA125D is a fully automatic quad bike that comes with a powerful 110cc engine and is equipped with large 16” front and rear tires allowing you to easily and comfortably travel on any type of terrain. 

It does require some level of assembly and the manufacturer provides a 30 days warranty on replacement of parts in case they are delivered in an inoperable condition. 

This mid-sized ATV is a really safe to ride mode of transportation and weighs hardly 255lbs which is quite lightweight and easy to carry. There is enough legroom for young riders and features an uber soft cushioned seat that adds to your comfort. What’s more, this ATV is CARB approved which means that if you’re living in California, it’s legal to ride one in public.

Key Features

  • 110cc 4-stroke fully automatic engine
  • 16” front and rear tires
  • 10.8” front suspensions
  • 11” rear suspension
  • CARB  approved
  • Automatic reverse and forward

Tao Tao Rhino ATV250D 250cc Quad Bike

Best Chinese ATV

The ATV250D is an adult sized version of Tao Tao’s ATV that’s equipped with a large 200cc engine with a manual clutch system. It features a dual braking system and is a full sized ATV which you can use on hard and rough terrain.

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This Chinese ATV has a built-in speed limiter that lets you control your overall top speed and has 4 gears along with a reverse gear making it one of the most easy to control adult ATVs out there.

With the Tao Tao ATV250D  you get a durable luggage mount at the back, a hard front bumper and independent shock absorbers. It is much larger and more powerful than the ATA125D and is ideal for adults. However, this ATV is strictly recommended for children over the age of 16, so ensure you enable the speed limiter before handing over the keys to them.

Key Features

  • 200cc manual 4-stroke engine
  • Dual brakes
  • Built-in speed limiter
  • Manual transmission with 4 gears
  • Independent suspension systems

Pros and Cons of using Chinese ATVs 

Typically Chinese ATVs are frowned upon because people are under the impression that they are made from low quality materials and are not reliable. But this is often not the case and while there may be a handful of low-quality Chinese ATVs out there, there are some that are designed to outlast and outperform.

Let’s take a quick look at the main pros and cons of owning a Chinese ATV.

Chinese ATVs are affordable and cost under $2000 as compared to big branded ATVsParts for Chinese ATVs are not easily available and you will have to personally reach out to the manufacturer for individual replacement parts
They are built to last and are made from high-grade materialsUnlike popular branded ATVs, Chinese variants do not have local service centers and servicing one may be practically impossible
Easy to use and are readily available on retail 
Are equipped with high-performance motors, and use large air-filled tires


Are Chinese ATVs any good?

Chinese ATVs are affordable and because of this they are looked at as sub standard products. This is actually not the case because Chinese ATVs are made from high-quality materials and are reliable to use. Chinese ATVs make great birthday presents and are ideal for those who are on a tight budget, but need something powerful. 

I would recommend Chinese ATVs simply because there are loads of options to choose from and many of them come equipped with great features at a fraction of the price.

Where can I buy good quality Chinese ATVs?

High performance and durable Chinese ATVs are available online and you can easily buy one from either Amazon or AliExpress. All products listed in this article are available to buy on Amazon and AliExpress so you can easily purchase them. Since they’re easily available, you can get a good quad bike online for under $1000.

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