Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes 2022

Electric bikes are different from motorcycles in the sense that their integrated electric motors aid you in pedaling. It doesn’t do the entire propelling work for you. Besides eliminating emissions, they’re pushing you to travel longer distances than a traditional bicycle since they offer better range and prevent fatigue from long periods of pedaling. 

That’s not the end of their utilities. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then these products are for you! Studies show that e-bike riders spend 10% more energy on a weekly basis than the average bicycle owner solely because of their wider range and mileage. 

This has caused E-bikes to gain popularity in countries like Germany and the UK while replacing fossil fuel-powered motorcycles in China and some more developed Eastern nations. 

There are several criteria to look for while purchasing an electric bike which we’ve covered in detail in this article. Furthermore, a chopper-style bike is preferred by many due to its vintage looks. So we’ll explicitly cover them in today’s article.

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Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes – Buyer’s Guide

Essential Components – Before we delve deeper into the various criteria to look for during purchase, we felt that a rudimentary knowledge of the various components in an e-bike is necessary for rational decision-making. 

An e-bike is generally made of 3 essential parts:

  • Motor – Brushed and brushless motors are generally used, with brushless hub motors being the most commonly used due to their ability to run on DC from batteries. These systems apply propulsion to the wheel. A new system, known as mid-drive, is receiving acclaim due to its more efficient way of providing assistance to the pedals through a pulley system. This system is preferred over the hub motors because it utilizes the cycle’s gear to provide a wider speed range and better performance on steep slopes. 
  • Battery – E-bikes generally use SLA, NiCad, or Li-ion type rechargeable batteries with some form of control mechanism. Batteries vary in charge capacity, charging cycles, etc. But it’s recommended to go for Li-ion batteries. 
  • Controller – There are controllers for both brushed and brushless motors. However, brushed motors are losing ground due to their inefficiency, despite their controllers being much simpler and inexpensive. Since e-bikes need the initial torque to be very high, brushless motors have hall sensors for precise measurement of speed, force, and driving angle.

On Which Basis Chopper Style E-Bikes should be Evaluated?

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Control mechanism – E-bikes can be categorized into pedal-assist type or power-on-demand type. Pedal-assist e-bikes only augment the force applied by pedaling and provide better speeds. In comparison, power-on-demand types have activated throttle motors that can be activated even without pedaling. 

A buyer should look for these properties and choose what works best for them. 

Charging Time and Battery Capacity – It is recommended to go through user reviews for the exact charging time and battery capacity as they often differ from the company-provided figures. Some high-end bikes even come with fast charging and detachable batteries for better portability and convenient charging since carrying the bike to charging stations may not always be possible. The bikes usually have USB ports, with modern models having the more recent USB versions like Type C. 

Range and Speed – The speed of e-bikes can vary from 25-45 km/h. Standard e-bikes with 500W power can go 100-120 km in a single charge, whereas cheaper ones run out after only 50-60 km. The range and speed are usually mutually exclusive, in the sense that you have to trade off one for the other. So choose what suits you best. 

Maximum Load – Usually, e-bikes can only carry one person and some lightweight materials as the electrical motor is strong. Carrying capacity still varies across models, so if you’re looking for long-distance trips or taking a friend with you, you might find one that fills those needs. 

Build quality and portability – Usually, e-bikes are as sturdy as ordinary bicycles, sometimes more because they have to house additional load in the form of motors and other peripherals. Still, it’s worth giving a test ride if it’s an option. Some models are foldable, making it exponentially easier to carry them around. So if you like traveling and love having your little vehicle around, you can avail of them. 

Braking – E-Bikes usually come with weaker drum brakes since they don’t pick up much speed. However, they can degrade over time due to prolonged rough use. So you might want models with regenerative brakes that last much longer and don’t require frequent maintenance. These brakes use a generator mechanism to slow down the vehicle. 

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Power (Wattage) – Cheaper and simple models only use power up to 250W for commuting over relatively plain and straight roads. If you’re looking for better speed and consistency in off-road situations, you can go for models using up to 500W power. E-bikes don’t go over 750W since it puts strain on the drive-train and makes them wear out faster.

Top 5 Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

Aostirmotor A20 Electric Bicycle

Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

This sleek-looking e-bike is made with top-notch parts and earned pretty good reviews from its users. 

Key Features

  • The 36V motor delivers enough power for everyday use, making the bike lighter than the 48V ones. 
  • It is foldable and hence, can be carried around easily. 
  • Brushless motors that deliver speeds up to 40km/h. 
  • This is also the cheapest bike on this list.

Shengmilo MX02S Electric Bike

Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

This 48V bike has fat tires to climb slopes and the engine power to back it up. 

Key Features

  • It has a max speed of 30-50 km/h. 
  • More than 500W to beef up the engine. 
  • It runs on a Lithium-ion battery.

MX21 Folding Electric Bike

Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

This foldable electric bike features a 48V, 1000W brushless motor with a removable battery. 

Key Features

  • Features a powerful disk brake. 
  • Charging time is 6-8 hrs with a maximum speed of 80km/h with pedal-assist. 
  • It is IP45 waterproof. 

Gortat Electric Bike 21

Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

This e-bike boasts a sturdy, aluminum alloy frame with a 48V powerful motor. 

Key Features

  • It features speeds up to 50km/h with pedal assist. 
  • Up to 60km range in one charge.
  • It is foldable and lightweight. 

Shengmilo MX03 4.0

Best Electric Chopper Style Bikes

Another powerhouse of an e-bike features a 48V, 1000W motor. With a whopping 5 star rating, it undoubtedly provides satisfying performance. 

Key Features

  • Features fat tires with range up to 60km per charge.
  • Hydraulic brakes that can handle a lot of stress.
  • Luxurious seat with a one-person carrying capacity. 

Who are these bikes ideal for?

E-bikes can be versatile due to the varieties they come in, but they still have their limits because, after all, they’re just better versions of Bicycles. While they can travel reasonable distances and climb steep slopes, they’re almost always held back by battery power. 

The availability of charging stations also plays an important role. Since charging stations are seldom seen in remote areas, operating these bikes in or around cities is advised. Detachable batteries can solve this issue to an extent since you can carry spare batteries with you. 

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Some South-Asian countries haven’t been able to utilize e-bikes due to their rough terrain and lack of facilities to build charging stations. 

E-bikes target users who can’t bicycle efficiently due to injuries, disabilities, or obesity. Assisted pedaling gives them the much-needed push to cycle for longer distances, and the motor acts as a confidence boost, among other things. Older citizens can use them as well. 

However, since chopper style electric bikes have a signature appearance, people who wish to let their style statements speak while commuting or exercising can even go for these models. 

The Average Price Range

We’ve found from our studies that e-bikes can range from USD $800 – $2,000. They come at different prices, with the higher-end ones generally performing better. 

Ideally, the reasonably priced best-performing bikes cost around USD $1,500, so if you’re looking for quality products with the best bang for your buck, that should be your budget.


What are the disadvantages of e-bikes?

Low range, limited battery capacity, and high initial cost are some of the problems they face. 

How far can an e-bike go on a single charge?

Usually 22-50 miles. But you can always pedal your way to the nearest charging stations if you ever run out at awkward places. 

How often should I charge the battery?

Ideally, after every ride. Lithium batteries shouldn’t be left empty as it shortens the battery life. 

What is the lifespan of an e-bike’s battery?

The lifespan of an e-bike’s battery is around 10 years under normal load and uniform charging cycles. After 1500 cycles, the battery will show signs of aging and lose capacity.


To sum it all up, e-bikes are highly useful due to their low-maintenance cost, overall accessibility, minimal effect on the environment, making them the perfect alternative to bicycles. More countries are adopting them after rising climate change concerns while building charging stations at regular intervals. 

We can hope that e-bikes will be the go-to 2-wheeler across the world by the end of this decade.

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