Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Kits

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Kits in 2021

Electric bikes are some of the most popular modes of transportation around the world mainly due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly and don’t release carbon emissions. But, electric bikes are expensive and the most basic model would go for upwards of $450 in the market.

If you’re someone who is keen on getting an electric bike but does not have the budget to do so, then you are at the right place.

Electric bike conversion kits are the rage these days. They are affordable, easy to install and will let you have the full e-biking experience on a regular bicycle. It’s definitely something to consider investing in and the only thing you would have to keep in mind is if the front wheel kit would suit your bike or not.

Our team at Electro Mobiler have tried and tested a number of different electric bike kits and have  found the following  to be some of the best front wheel electric bike kits in the market.

Here they are:

  • AW 48V 1000W Electric Wheel Kit
  • GRM Wireless Front Wheel Kit
  • Befang 48V 500W Electric Bike Conversion Kit
  • Voilamart E-bike 26” Wheel Kit
  • Ebikeling Waterproof E-bike Conversion Kit
  • MXUS 3000W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Top 6 Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

AW 48V 1000W Electric Wheel Kit

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The AW brand specializes in sports and training equipment and accessories that are not only affordable but made from some of the best quality materials available. Their 1000W electric bike front wheel conversion kit is the perfect choice if you’re someone looking to switch over to an automatic mode of travel.

This conversion kit fits 26” bicycle wheels and once in place is capable of propelling you a speed of 28 miles per hour. It comes equipped with ride by throttle and a pedal assist sensor that help you cover vast distances without breaking a sweat. 

The kit even includes  an LCD display that can be mounted on your handlebar to keep track of your battery condition, speed and distance traveled. It’s affordable and is priced at a reasonable price of $270, which is a reasonable price to pay for such a powerful kit.


  • Ideal for 26” wheelbase
  • Brushless motor that delivers 1000W on 48V of electricity and can run at 480 rpm
  • Each kit includes an electric controller, a pair of hand brakes, twist throttle, LCD display, pedal assist sensor, battery, connection cables and an instruction manual.

GRM Wireless Front Wheel Kit

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The GRM wireless front wheel conversion kit is a kit designed specifically for mountain bikes or bikes with a wheelbase of 26”. It’s probably one of the best front wheel electric bike kits in the market and what’s more, this kit even includes the wheel and disc brakes.

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This conversion kit offers improved performance and can reach a maximum speed of 40 km per hour with a total range of 40km. It’s equipped with a large lithium battery which permits a longer ride time and one of the best things about the GRM wireless kit is that it carries an IP65 waterproof rating that will ensure the safety of your hub motor and battery if you decide to ride in the rain.

We found it rather easy to install and use mainly because it pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth allowing you to control and keep a check on the battery voltage, speed and distance traveled all from the screen of your smartphone.


  • The hub motor comes with an embedded UAV application chip that ensures more stable motor performance and temperature control.
  • The motor is a 350W 36V hub motor that comes CE, RoHS and UL certified.
  • It’s designed to fit 26” x 1.95” mountain bikes and offers improved support and overall grip performance.
  • Bluetooth control via your smartphone. You can check the voltage, speed, distance and other key metrics.

Befang 48V 500W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The Beffang front wheel electric bike kit is another popular choice and one of the best conversion kits that allows you to customize the battery. It features an easy to install design and you’re able to convert your bicycle into an electric bike in under an hour.

This conversion kit is equipped with a high-performance 500W motor that can hit speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour at approximately 470 rpm. The motor is connected to a pair of brake levels that can cut off the power and bring you to a safe stop.

It comes with all the accessories you would need to have a safe ride and will include hydraulic brake sensors, a thumb throttle, an LCD display, a battery charger and an LED light so you can ride in the night.

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The 700cc hub motor can be equipped on wheels of 20”, 26” and 27.5” making it one of the best versatile hub conversion kits around. There are even 5 variants of batteries to choose from and in order to choose the right one, you will need to ask yourself, how long do you wish to travel before having to recharge your battery.


  • 700cc 500W Front Hub Motor
  • Supports wheel sizes 20” 26” and 27.5”
  • Multiple battery choices available for more power
  • Ideal for touring, commuter and mountain bikes

Voilamart E-bike 26” Wheel Kit

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Here’s a budget friendly electric bike conversion kit that comes equipped with an intelligent controller and PAS system. The Voilamart E-bike conversion kit is a front wheel kit that uses a powerful 500W 36V motor to drive out a top speed of 35kmph. 

It uses the PAS system or the pedal assistance system and with this you will be able to get around by pedaling and riding your bike.

Considering the price, this conversion kit comes fully loaded and will include a front wheel, hub motor controller, PAS sensor, twist throttle and a pair of brake levels. 

The only drawback however with this conversion kit is that it does not come along with the battery and you would have to purchase the 36V 10Ah battery from the seller separately. 


  • The hub motor is a a500W 36V powerhouse that delivers a smooth riding experience
  • The front wheel is made up of an alloy and the rims are stainless steel. 
  • In order to deliver high performance, the motor is equipped with rare earth element magnets
  • Easy to install and lightweight. The battery and charger are not a part of the package.

Ebikeling Waterproof E-bike Conversion Kit

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The Ebikeling conversion kit is available for both the front and rear wheels and comes with all the components needed to get yourself going. This kit includes an Aluminum frame rim and carbon steel spokes but would not include the tire.

It comes equipped with a powerful 500W hub motor and a pedal assist system that you can use to ride your e-bike in any way you like. The pedal assist system is perfect to use if you’re heading uphill or if you have a sprained or hurt wrist/ankle.

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This conversion kit also comes with an LCD display that can be mounted on the handlebar and will show you the speed, battery percentage, wattage, PAS levels and even the distance traveled.

The hub motor for this kit comes in 3 sizes depending on the amount of power you’re looking for. You can choose between a 500W motor, a 750W motor and a 1200W motor. Moreover based on our performance tests and ease of use, this conversion kit is definitely one of the best you can buy.


  • 500W, 750W & 1200W hub motors available
  • Includes a wheel hub motor, torque arm, pedal assist system, controller, throttle, brake levers and an LCD display
  • Battery and tires are not included and you would have to swap the tires from the earlier wheel onto this one. 
  • Pedal assist system lets you ride while pedaling and with the use of the throttle.

JauoPay 1000W Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Best Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Now, if you’re looking for a front wheel electric bike conversion kit for the best power delivery, the JauoPay 1000W is the one to buy. This kit includes a high-performance 1000W motor that sits on a 26” Aluminum alloy rim that can take you to speeds upwards of 45kmph.

This conversion kit is honestly a great choice for adults who are on a budget and can’t pick up an e-bike of their own. It comes loaded with a dual mode controller that is equipped with hall-effect and non-hall effect so basically if components of the controller break down, you will still be able to run the bike via the hub motor.

There’s an 8-point PAS that allows you to activate the hub motor while pedaling so you can tackle steeper hills and terrain than before. Unlike the top 3 conversion kits, this kit does not come along with the battery or tire and you would have to use the tire from your older wheel.


  • Equipped with a powerful 1000W motor that’s limited to 750W due to road restrictions.
  • Comes with the hub motor wheel, smart controller, a twist throttle, a pair of  brake levers and the 8-point PAS
  • Ideal for a 26” wheelbase and the motor is made with rare earth element magnets to deliver immense power.

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