Best Scooter Alarm System

Best Scooter Alarm System 2021

If you’re looking to protect your investment, then the best solution is to pick up an alarm system for your scooter. 

Yes, unfortunately in today’s day and age, theft has become common and even though you have a lock system in place to protect your bike or scooter, thieves can break the lock and you may never see your precious scooter again.

That’s where scooter alarm systems come in. These compact and affordable anti-theft devices are normally equipped with a high-tech system that alerts you when someone is trying to steal your scooter.

We have tried and tested a number of alarm systems for scooters and have found these 6 products to be pretty impressive. In order to figure out which is the best scooter alarm system in the market, we took various factors into consideration such as ease-of-use, durability, alarm volume, warranty and price.

Based on the results, we were able to shortlist the following top 6 best scooter alarm systems that you can buy. They are:

  • Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft System
  • Onvian Upgraded Wireless Alarm
  • Gorilla Automotive 9100
  • Banvie 2-Way Security Alarm System
  • BlueFire Security Kit
  • Rupse Waterproof Security Alarm System

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Top 6 Best Scooter Alarm Systems

Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft System

Best Scooter Alarm System

The Wsdcam is a truly wireless anti-theft system that can be used on a scooter to alert you when someone moves or touches it. Yes, this is a vibration-enabled alarm system that’s both affordable and incredibly loud.

One of the main reasons why the Wsdcam is at the top of this list is because it’s not like the rest. It’s built to be positioned anywhere without looking out of place and comes with a key fob that allows you to treat the anti-theft system just like a car alarm.

It comes packed with a load of functions such as noise reduction capabilities as well as being able to recognize false triggers. The Wsdcam has seven levels of sensor sensitivities that you can choose from and there’s even the option to change the alarm sound to one of the 6 preset sounds present.

This scooter alarm system carries an IP55 waterproof rating which is great especially when you have to leave your scooter outside. It’s definitely the best scooter alarm system available today.

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Sensitivity7 Preset Levels
Volume Level113dB
Water ResistanceIP55 Waterproof
Wireless Range66 feet

Onvian Upgraded Wireless Alarm

Best Scooter Alarm System

The Onvian alarm system is a multi-purpose alarm that’s waterproof and easy-to-use. This alarm can easily be installed on your scooter and based on our experience, it’s truly one of the best scooter alarm systems out there.

The one thing that stood out to me when I tried this alarm for the first time was how you can not only use it on your scooter, bike or e-bike but how easily you can use it as an alarm on your window or door at home alongside a vibration sensor.

It comes with a remote control that makes handling the alarm system a piece of cake.  With an alarm level of 113dB it is loud enough to be heard indoors. It’s perfectly designed, affordable and one of the most versatile alarm systems there. 

Sensitivity7 Preset Levels
Volume Level113dB
Water ResistanceIP55 Waterproof
Wireless Range60 feet

Gorilla Automotive 9100

Best Scooter Alarm System

The Gorilla automotive 9100 was designed to be an alarm for motorcycles but has been used by numerous scooter enthusiasts to safeguard their scooters from getting stolen. It’s ultra-compact and is equipped with one of the loudest decibel sirens that we’ve heard at 120dB.

It acts as a 2-way pager that’s capable of receiving signals from up to ½ miles away and  will alert you if the alarm has been triggered. The main unit comes with 3 individual extremely sensitive sensors which include an internal tilt sensor, a current sensor and a 2-stage shock sensor.

The primary device comes with a LED warning system apart from the alarm and with its waterproof build, the 9100 Gorilla automotive is surely one of the best scooter alarm systems money can buy. 

SensitivityInternal tilt sensor, 2-stage shock sensor, current sensor
Volume Level120dB
Water ResistanceIP55 Waterproof
Wireless Range½ miles

Banvie 2-Way Security Alarm System

Best Scooter Alarm System

Here’s another affordable 2-way security system for your scooter that not only comes with an alarm but also remote engine start capabilities as well. The Banvie 2-way system is suitable for all 12V DC motorcycles and can be connected to your scooter with ease.

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It’s equipped with a built-in shock sensor and motion sensor that get engaged when anyone touches your scooter and activates the alarm and the indicator lights will begin to flash rapidly. 

The receiver, which is a small device, comes with a LCD display that shows you specific icons pertaining to the lock status of your scooter and the time with battery information.

Apart from the instructions which were poorly laid out and hard to understand, the Banvie 2-way system is surely one of the best scooter alarm systems we’ve had the chance to test on our scooters.

SensitivityShock sensor, Motion sensor
Volume Level125dB
Water ResistanceIP55 Waterproof
Wireless Range60 feet

BlueFire Security Kit

Best Scooter Alarm System

The BlueFire security kit is another cheap and affordable alarm system that’s designed for scooters, motorcycles and even e-bikes. This compact alarm is extremely loud and packed with features that make it one of the best customizable alarm systems to buy for your scooter today.

We were surprised at how easy it was to install even though it is a wired-in alarm system. Simply connecting the right terminals to your 12/24V battery will do the trick and with the key fob, you wouldn’t have to be near the scooter to enable or disable the alarm wirelessly.

One of the best reasons to consider this alarm system is for the adjustable vibration sensor. You can easily alter the sensitivity of the vibrations depending on your needs and it comes equipped with a smart sensor that makes sure the alarm does not go off if there’s  heavy wind or rain.

SensitivityShock sensor, Motion sensor
Volume Level125dB
Water ResistanceIP55 Waterproof
Wireless Range60 feet

Rupse Waterproof Security Alarm System

Best Scooter Alarm System

Rupse is yet another affordable and easy to use scooter alarm system that features an automatic start/turn-off remote for a key less riding experience. It’s equipped with 5 sensitivity levels that can be adjusted according to your preferences.

The Rupse waterproof alarm system carries an IP55 waterproof rating and delivers just over 120dB of sound when the alarm is activated.

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One of the main reasons why we liked this product is that it’s affordable and requires low-power consumption to run. You can hard-wire this system to your bike and it will engage alongside the indicators when you’re turning on the street.

The key fob lets you control the alarm system from up to 60 feet away and runs on a built0in button battery which can easily be replaced.

Sensitivity5 Sensitivity levels
Volume Level125dB
Water ResistanceIP55 Waterproof
Wireless Range60 feet

How many types of alarm systems are available for scooters?

Currently, there are 4 different types of scooter alarm systems available in the market.

  • Simple Alarm – A simple alarm system comes with just 2 wires for installation. Normally these types of alarms are connected to the locking mechanism of the scooter and get engaged when someone tries tampering with the handle-bar.
  • Brake Disk Lock – Brake Disk locks do not require any installation and are one of the most efficiently easy devices to use. It is equipped with a built-in alarm and locks onto your disk plate with the help of a key (similar to a padlock). 
  • GPS Tracker – Considered to be one of the best alarm systems available for scooters, it’s equipped with a GPS tracker that can be connected to your phone so you know where your scooter is at all times.
  • GPS+Remote Engine Stop+Decoy – This form of an alarm system is robust and includes two trackers along with an alarm. Here, you are provided with a decoy alarm and a GPS tracker that can be attached to your scooter. The GPS tracker is concealed so  the thief won’t look for it and you can trace your scooter without them realizing.


How loud are scooter alarm systems?

This depends on the model of alarm you buy. While some alarm systems give off a maximum of 150dB, there are few that would hardly deliver 100dB of sound. Ideally the louder the better in this case.

How long do alarm systems last?

Waterproof alarm systems are built to last a few years. Alarm systems that are made from stainless steel or highly-durable plastic would also last equally long since they won’t get damaged easily.

How much do scooter alarm systems cost?

Many scooter alarm systems are available in the market for under $100 and while you may feel that the more expensive the alarm system the better protection it offers, that’s not always the case. There are really good alarm systems such as Wsdcam or Onvian that have been priced below $50 and are being used by thousands of users around the world.

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