Best Electric Tricycle

Electric Tricycles also known as “Trikes” offer you additional comfort and balance apart from being environmentally safe to use. They have been around for a while and are gaining popularity as a means of transportation.

They offer you numerous benefits from being ideal for commuting, they’re cost-effective, most come with a basket for your belongings and as they run on an electric motor. 

There are many brands that manufacture Electric Tricycles and choosing the right one is a challenge.  To save you the hassle of searching for the right Trike, I’ve carefully handpicked the best in the market right now. 

Here are the Best Electric Tricycles you can buy today.

  • PFIFF Grazia-Bosch Electric Tricycle
  • Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle
  • E-Wheels EW-29 Trike
  • Viribus 3 Electric Tricycle
  • Burch Electric Fat Tire Trike
  • Bintelli Trio Electric Tricycle

Best Electric Tricycle

The major difference between a traditional tricycle and an electric tricycle is that the latter is equipped with a powerful motor and battery that lets you travel longer distances without breaking a sweat.

Before we get into the best electric tricycles in the market, let me take you through why you should consider buying an electric tricycle. 

Here are the top 6 Best Electric Tricycles:

Best Electric TricycleSpecificationsLink
PFIFF Grazia-BoschMotor:400W Bosch
Battery:36V 11Ah Li-ion
Top Speed: 15 mph
Range: 30-35 miles
Check it out on Amazon
Addmotor MotanMotor:750W 
Battery:48V Li-ion
Top Speed: 23 mph
Range: 55 miles
Check it out on Amazon
E-Wheels EW-29Motor:500W
Battery:36V Li-ion
Top Speed: 10-15 mph
Range: 20 miles
Check it out on Amazon
Viribus 3Motor:250W 
Battery:36V 10Ah Li-ion
Top Speed: 18-25 mph
Range: 18-20 miles
Check it out on Amazon
Burch e-TrikeMotor:500W 
Battery:48V Li-ion
Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 35 miles
Check it out on Amazon
Bintelli TrioMotor:500W 
Battery:48V 10Ah Li-ion
Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 30 miles
Check it out Online

PFIFF Grazia-Bosch Electric Tricycle

Best Electric Tricycle

One of the most powerful electric tricycles in the market is the PFIFF Grazia-Bosch. It comes with some pretty impressive features making your ride more comfortable while providing extra stability.

Best Electric Tricycle

This trike is one of a kind and was designed to be perfect for adults and seniors. It’s very easy to use, comes with a large battery and is equipped with large 24″ wheels. While the PFIFF Grazia-Bosch trike is ideal for all, it’s pretty expensive making it hard to own one without breaking your bank.


  • This tricycle comes with a 400W Bosch motor that’s positioned in the middle and allows you to travel up to speeds of 15 miles per hour.
  • Powering the tricycle is a 36V 11Ah Li-ion battery that can be easily charged and wold provide you with a total range of 30-35 miles miles on a single charge. This is perfect if you’re heading out of town as you wouldn’t have to charge the trike often as compared to other tricycles in this category.
  • This electric tricycle is made from heavy duty welded steel and coated in anti-corrosive paint. It comes with a rear basket for your baggage and is also capable of carrying a total weight of 265lbs at a time, so it’s great for heavy adults and if you got a lot of bags to carry.
Powered by a high-performance 400W Bosch mid position motor and a large capacity 36V 11Ah batteryVery expensive
Long range of 30-35 miles on a single charge
Equipped with Shimano V brakes on the front and coaster brakes for the back tire

Check it out on Amazon

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle

Best Electric Tricycle

The Motan electric trike from Addmotor is designed to be comfortable and durable. It matches the capabilities of a good electric mountain bike but the only difference is there’s an extra third wheel on the Addmotor. 

These oversized wheels add stability to the trike and offer impeccable handling over pot-holes and off-road trails, something you won’t get from a bicycle or scooter.


  • The Addmotor Motan comes with a high spoke count that improves the durability of the wheels. The front wheel of the trike is equipped with a disc brake so you can stop faster, making it safer even while traveling at high speeds.
  • Its frame is made from durable 6061 aluminum alloy that keeps the overall weight of the trike to a minimum.
  • The trike runs on a powerful 750W motor that’s powered by a removable 48V battery that lets you travel at a top speed of 23 miles per hour and can cover a distance of up to 55 miles while using the Pedal-Assist mode.
  • It also features a 5” LED display that comes built into the handlebar of the trike.
Comes with 4” wheels, a complete suspension system and a durable aluminum frame.Average sized Storage Baskets
Uses a large 750W motor and 48V battery for higher speeds, allowing you to cover up to 55 miles on a single charge.Quite expensive
Equipped with a bright 5” LED display

Check it out on Amazon

E-Wheels EW-29 Trike

Best Electric Tricycle

This electric trike is the perfect choice for those looking to take a trip to the grocery store or simply travel around town. It comes with a low step-through frame that makes it easier to mount the tricycle and guarantees an unmatched comfort level thanks to the oversized seat and backrest, making it seem like you’re sitting on a couch.

Best Electric Tricycle


  • The E-Wheels Trike features a powerful 500W motor that offers a peak power output of 750W allowing you to travel up to 20 miles on a single charge while touching a top speed of 15 miles per hour.
  • It features an extremely large wire frame basket situated at the rear of the trike and an additional basket at the front allowing you to carry all your groceries in one go.
  • There’s an LED light on the handlebars for night riding and even comes with an electric horn to signal those around you.
  • The frame is made from reinforced steel allowing you to carry a total of 400lbs on the trike at a time.
Large seat with back-rest for a comfortable riding experienceTop speed is relatively low and limited to 10.5mph-15mph
Large front and rear baskets for carrying itemsNot built for off-road travels
Equipped with a LED light, Electric horn and Fenders

Check it out on Amazon

Viribus 3 Electric Tricycle

Best Electric Tricycle

The Viribus 3 electric trike is an adult electric tricycle that comes with a removable battery, step-down frame and large basket making it great to use while traveling and shopping. These trikes are designed to offer superior safety, stability and comfort.

Best Electric Tricycle


  • The Viribus is a safe to use trike that features a carbon-steel frame, fork and chassis for ultimate durability. It even comes with a front and rear braking system for a safer experience while commuting in traffic.
  • It features a high-elasticity seat that provides a cushioned and adjustable ride. The swept-back handlebars allow you to have a laid-back touring feel.
  • This trike comes with an efficient and powerful 250W motor that is powered by a large 36V 10A lithium battery allowing you to travel at speeds of 18-25 miles per hour while letting you cover distances of 18-20 miles on a single charge.
  • There are 3 riding modes,  you can choose to pedal, or ride with pedal-assist and finally you can combine both to have a complete electric experience with the throttle mode.
Convenient Cargo spaceDue to the weight and size, the trike will be shipped in two pieces rather than a single unit.
Powerful 250W motor offering a mileage of 18-20 miles on a single charge
Equipped with 3 riding modes for easier traveling experience

Check it out on Amazon

Burch Electric Fat Tire Trike

Best Electric Tricycle

The Burch fat tire trike is a high performance electric tricycle that’s built for adults and teens. This trike uses three unique fat tires allowing you to ride on city streets and even across trails with ease.

This trike is designed to let you haul supplies or carry your pet wherever you want to go. 

Best Electric Tricycle


  • This trike runs on a powerful 500W motor that is powered by a 48V battery allowing you to cruise at a top speed of 20 miles per hour and to travel at a top speed of 35 miles on a single charge.
  • It features a durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame that weighs 70lbs and is capable of carrying a total weight of 320lbs.
  • The heavy duty design allows you to use the front and rear basket to carry groceries and supplies with ease. 
  • The battery pack is a removable component that can be recharged in the convenience of your home. There’s also a LED headlight for night rides and a LCD display that provides you with the battery life, the speed you’re traveling at and the mileage.
Capable of carrying weights of up to 320lbsDisplay and electronics could have been designed better
High-performance 500W motor and 48V batteryExpensive to buy
Stable and Safe to use, body is made from durable 6061 aluminum alloy

Check it out on Amazon

Bintelli Trio Electric Tricycle

Best Electric Tricycle

The Bintelli trio is an electric trike that is best suited for urban tourists and commuters alike. It’s made from high-quality aluminum alloy allowing it to carry weights of up to 300lbs at a time. It’s the first electric trike from Bintelli and is made for stability and ease of use. This trike comes with Bintelli’s turn assist allowing you to maneuver the trike easily.

Best Electric Tricycle


  • The Bintelli trike features a step-through chassis allowing you to easily mount and dismount it. It comes with a large comfortable seat for long rides and does not come with a backrest.
  •  It comes equipped with disc brakes for both rear wheels making it easy to stop the trike.
  • There’s a large 500W motor that is capable of propelling the trike at speeds up to 20 miles per hour and can take you for about 30 miles before having to recharge the battery. It even comes with fenders on all wheels, LED head and tail lights and a water bottle carrier.
Step-through aluminum frameSeat does not have a backrest
Includes fenders, lights and water bottle carrierThe front and rear basket come with wire-tops.
Dual disc brakes for the rear wheels

Check it out Online

How To Pick the Best Electric Tricycle

There are a few things you will have to look at before buying an electric trike, these are:

  • Storage Space – First, you’d have to plan how you’re going to use the trike, is it for your day-to-day activities, commute to work, for leisure or to carry your pet along with you. Now that you’ve planned what you’re going to use it for, you need to figure out if you’re going to require lots of storage space or the bare minimum. You will have to keep in mind that if you’re going to use the trike for deliveries or grocery shopping then you’d need one that has the right amount of space, preferably a large basket or one that comes with more than one basket.
  • Motor – The kind of motor used in an electric tricycle will determine your top speed. Many electric trikes that you can buy online are fitted with a 200-250W brushless motor making them more efficient than brushed motors. These motors are capable of reaching top speeds of about 15-25 kilometers per hour or on average, approximately 16 mile per hour.
  • Battery – This is by far the most important thing to consider before buying an electric tricycle for yourself. Thanks to the positioning of the battery on most trikes, manufacturers have been able to use larger capacity batteries allowing you to ride for longer on a single charge. Deciding on whether you’re going to use the trike in full-electric mode or pedal assist will have a direct impact on the size of the battery you need for your daily use.
  • Display – Electric Tricycles that are fitted with LCD screens offer handy information such as your travel speed, battery usage, remaining battery life and overall distance covered. A display on your Trike is beneficial for monitoring your daily riding stats but is not something that’s necessary. So, this will depend on your personal preference.


Electric trikes are considered to be an excellent option for commuting and getting around town thanks to its ability to combine an electric motor alongside traditional pedaling.

Though the best electric tricycle for you solely depends upon your needs, I feel that the best electric tricycle in the market is the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike. This trike is fully equipped with a complete front suspension setup and comes with a spring loaded seat for a comfortable seated experience.

Overall, I felt that though this trike is a bit expensive it has everything you’d probably need for your daily commute. It clearly is one of the best electric trikes in the market today. Which do you prefer?

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Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

In a world where many are concerned if they are doing the right thing to save the environment from global warming. Electric vehicles sure do look very compelling and recently electric scooters and bicycles are increasing in popularity, the reason being they are quick, fun, easy and convenient to ride.

If you are thinking of picking either if the one but are confused, you are at the right place. I will take you through the comparison between Electric Scooters and Bicycles to see which one is a better mode of transportation.

This should hopefully help you decide on whether you should opt for an Electric Scooter or a Bicycle this year!

Electric ScooterBicycle
CostFew Hundred Dollars to a couple of Thousand dollarsFew Hundred Dollars to a couple of Thousand dollars
ComfortStanding position, less comfortableComfortable ride with large tires and a soft seat
StabilityNot stableStable, can be ridden with one  hand
PortabilityPortable, can fit in small places, light-weight, easy to carryNot easy to carry, not so portable
StorageCan be folded and easily storedOnly few models can be folded, others will require a bit of space for storage
Ease of UseMuch easier to useEasy to use but not convenient for short people
Riding RangeShort DistancesLonger Distances
SpeedSpeed is Capped based on Governmental Rules and RegulationsSpeed is Capped based on Governmental Rules and Regulations
SafetySafest forms of Micro-MobilitySafe but with a few hiccups
MaintenanceCheaper to MaintainSlightly more expensive

Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Both electric scooters and bicycles are great modes of transportation, but as with any product they do come with their own little set of advantages and disadvantages. Both these great modes of transportation are environment-friendly and won’t cost a bomb to own.

So without further adieu, let’s get into the comparison between Electric Scooters and Bicycles to ultimately see which one is a better option.

Remember, they are amazing travel companions in their own regard so read on to find out what’s right for you. 


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

There are two ways you can use an electric scooter or bicycle, either by buying one of them or using a bicycle share or scooter share service. 

When buying either one of them, it’s hard to compare because the prices of both starts from a few hundred dollars and can even go up to a few thousand dollars. Regardless you’ll be getting what you pay for, both have good models to offer at reasonable prices.   

If you are planning on using sharing services, prices can be all over the place, as they keep changing every now and then. But on average scooter sharing services are costlier than bicycle-sharing services. There is one exception though when riding for short distances scooter-share apps are cheaper. 

Verdict: Tie


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Scooters have small tires and poor suspension systems, which make them bumpy to ride on. Depending on the terrain online scooters can vary from comfortable to extremely uncomfortable to ride on. You can feel the bumps through your spine, even to your hands. With the small wheels on an electric scooter, there is the risk of tipping over because of the potholes.  

Bicycles on the other hand have bigger wheels and better suspension, which makes them comfortable to ride on rough terrains. Even poorly made bicycles, without good suspension systems are more comfortable to ride than scooters. Also, you can sit on a bicycle which is always better than standing. 

Verdict: Bicycles are more comfortable to ride


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Stability is clearly a plus point for bicycles. They are bigger, have better ergonomics, and the amount of control you have over them is far more than what you have over an electric scooter. The bigger wheels again help with stability as pothole or bumps won’t throw you off.

The small wheels of an electric scooter can get stuck in potholes, which may lead to an accident if you are not experienced enough. Bicycles can also be easy to ride with one hand, which is extremely hard with electric scooters. So, if you want to signal some other vehicle with one hand, it is extremely hard to do on an electric scooter.

It is also easier to handle a bicycle at higher speeds compared to scooters.  

Verdict: Bicycles are more stable to handle and ride


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

This is a no brainer and electric scooters trump electric bicycles in this regard.

While an bicycle is easy to store, it’s not so portable. You can fold electric scooters and carry them with you in between longer commutes on a bus a or train. This makes electric scooters very potable, you can also store them in small spaces, like in a locker or under a desk at your workplace.

Electric scooters also weigh less, making them easy to carry around. In the case of a repair, or a flat tire, it can be frustrating to push around the bike to a repair center. You can just fold and carry your electric scooter if you’re faced with such a situation.  

Verdict: Electric Scooters are portable; Bicycles are not.


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

The small size of electric scooters is a disadvantage to them when it comes to carrying things on them.

Bicycles are very efficient in this regard as you can carry a lot of stuff on them without affecting your balance. Bicycles also come with the option of having storage compartments like baskets for easy carrying of your things.

You can always hang stuff from the handles of the scooter but you’ll have to balance both sides so it doesn’t become an inconvenience.  

Verdict: Electric Scooters can be stored easily anywhere in the house

Ease of use 

Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

If you picking you either a scooter or a bicycle after not using them for a while, it is always easier to ride the scooter as you don’t have to adjust anything. In the case of a bicycle, you’ll have to adjust the height of the seat, or at least you’ll have to get adjusted to it.

Scooters are also more convenient for shorter people. This may be a factor overlooked by many, but when buying or using something, it is best to make sure that you feel most comfortable with the product.  

Verdict: Electric Scooters are easier to use than Bicycles


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Easy to pick one here, it’s always the bicycle. Electric scooters have decent range nowadays but they are still lower compared to bicycles. This is because bicycles are designed to cover larger distances.

Electric scooters are designed to be lightweight and portable, and so they have smaller batteries. Another advantage of bicycles over scooters is that they have the option to run by pedaling. So, in the case of longer trips, you can just pedal if you run out of battery. 

Electric bicycles have 3 modes, fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

  • With fully automatic, it runs only on the battery, while you have to do nothing but control it.
  • Semi-automatic gives you a higher range by allowing you to pedal while using battery power to put less strain on your legs.
  • Manual is using the bicycle in a traditional fashion; you pedal and it will run.

This greater range of options makes the electric bicycle a better companion over a long distance. While you can push your electric scooter around, you’ll be either embarrassed or burnt out in a few minutes because it’s hard.  

Verdict: Electric Bicycles can cover longer distances than Electric Scooters


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Both electric bicycles and scooters can hit decent speeds, but because of rules and laws, they have a speed limits. They are capped at 20mph mostly, and this is fine for the general commute but if you are in a hurry you can’t go as fast as you want.

Bicycles are also generally the faster of the two or at least have a higher speed limit. High-end scooters can run faster than 30 mph, and some powerful bicycles can go up to 50 mph. But safety and traffic regulations don’t allow you to do so. 

Verdict: Tie


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Electric scooters have safety concerns in the sense, they are not as stable as bicycles, or comfortable enough to ride. This can be a problem as you can fall off easily or have a higher chance of having an accident. But they are also easy to get off, if you are in the course for a crash or collision, you can just get off the scooter easily and save yourself from getting hurt.

In the case of electric bicycles, it may be hard to get off it but the risk of having an accident is lower compared to scooters. So, pick your poison I guess, in the end, it all depends on how well you ride them. 

Verdict: Electric Scooters are safer than Bicycles


Electric Scooter vs Bicycle

Both of them are easy to maintain but electric scooters have the edge here. This is because they are simpler and have few moving parts. In the case of a repair, bicycles will probably end up causing more because of their comparatively complex mechanisms.

Bicycles also have pneumatic tires, which can go flat if you ride over something sharp. Electric scooters are moving away from pneumatic tires for durability. 

Verdict: Electric Scooters are cheaper to maintain


Both are excellent choices to use a vehicle to transport you in and around the city you live in. They both have certain advantages and disadvantages over the other. It all boils down to what you want and use them for.

If you are planning to go longer distances frequently, an electric bicycle is the better option. Electric bicycles offer better traveling options and features over a scooter. They have different modes, storage space and better riding experience. Electric scooters on the other hand are all about the convenience, they are good for short distances, portable, quick, and easy to use. 

So, depending on your use case and needs, you can choose either one and if you have got the moolah, you can have both. They are both amazing vehicles to use and travel on. You have to choose the right one for you from the above comparison.  

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What to Look for in an Electric Bike

eBikes or Electric bikes have been around for a while now and by the looks of it they’re here to stay. Most of us have faced a tough time while searching for a good eBike and this happens to the best of us mainly because there are so many models and variants out there. The only question that keeps popping up is, what to look for in an electric bike?

Yes, that’s actually a really good question. eBikes are designed for everyone and not one one special class of people. They can be used on a daily basis to commute to work and back or to the grocery store and back or with some models they can be used on dirt tracks making them ideal for adventurers.

If only it was easy to pick one eBike. Sigh.

Why are eBikes so popular?

Electric bikes are essentially regular bikes that are convenient and easier to ride. As they come equipped with hub motors to help ease your ride, they have been sought after by not only avid cyclists but also those who need some assistance when commuting or traveling with any sort of baggage. 

With no CO2 emissions and a zero percent carbon footprint, eBikes are considered a blessing for the environment..

Let’s get into what we have to look for while buying an electric bike.

Personal Needs
Choosing the right Electric Bike Retailer
Understand the Warranty Offered on Electric Bikes
What Powers the Electric Bike
Check the Voltage and Battery Capacity of the eBike
Total Weight the eBike can Support
Reviews and Videos of the Bikes Performance

What to Look for in an Electric Bike?

If you’re in the market for an electric bike you may get with mind-boggled with the number of eBike options available in the market. As too many people find owning a car cumbersome and expensive, other modes of transport like electric bikes have become super popular.

I remember when it was just 5-10 companies to choose from but now there are hundreds of companies manufacturing electric bikes with different features, sizes, capabilities and these eBikes come with various offers, warranty plans and service options to choose from making it a task to pick the one that suits your needs.

While looking for your ideal electric bike it’s best to check the following:

Consider your Personal Needs

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

Electric bikes have been created for different purposes, so before you pick up your eBike it’s best to search for something that is designed for your needs. 

  • If you’re looking at step-through framed bikes to add comfort to your ride then companies like Aventon Electric and Linus have some good options ready. 
  • If you’re keen on something to tackle off-roads and designed for hill climbing then you can check out Raleigh motors or Haibike models. 

Things like distance you’d be covering and if you’re using the electric bike for carrying loads and other factors play a crucial role in determining the right electric bike for you.

Choosing the Right eBike Retailer

Choosing the Right eBike Retailer

Picking the right retailer or manufacturer is a very important point to always remember. Ultimately your judgement should be based on the following

  • The staff should be approachable and friendly. Have any and all questions answered by them to make sure they know their product and it’s a reliable place. 
  • Make it a point to check the quality of  the materials used. The better the quality of the product, the longer  it’ll last. Sellers have to be dedicated to the cause to be considered reliable and by cause I’m simply referring to being in it for the right reason and not to make a quick buck.

Retailers provide additional benefits such as an extended warranty or a pair of riding gloves and sometimes even overall cash discounts on their electric bikes. 

Make it a point to thoroughly review the company you’re planning on buying from.

Understand the Warranty Offered on Electric Bikes

Understand the Warranty Offered on Electric Bikes

While buying an electric bike you should keep in mind that it’s a big investment regardless of how much you paid for it. The only way this investment of yours can be deemed “worth it” is when you have a good warranty in place.

Warranties that are offered in the market range from manufacturer to manufacturer and they’re not always the same. 

A standard warranty on your everyday eBike would be for a year from the sale date and would normally cover all components including the battery.

However, a good warranty would be one that lasts for at least 2 years with no exclusion on everyday use and one that would cover everything from parts of the eBike to the hub motor and battery.

What Powers the Electric Bike

What powers the electric bike

Electric bikes are powered by hub motors at the most that come with different wattage and rpm. Choosing the power output of the electric motor is an important thing to keep in mind. We have hub motors that range from 250W to 900W, so there is a range out there. It all depends on what you’re buying the electric bike for.

To know the functioning of the electric bike you’re about to purchase is another key to getting what you actually want. Electric bikes come with 3 basic modes for everyday use:

  • You have the Pedal mode where you’re the one working your way around.
  • Then there’s the Pedal assist mode where you can pedal or throttle depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Finally there’s the Electric only or Throttle mode where you will not have to pedal and the twist of the throttle is all that’ll be required to get you moving.

Always make sure you know what kind of throttle system is on the bike and if it comes in a hybrid variation before making your final decision.

Check the Voltage and Battery Capacity of the eBike

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

The heart of the electric bike is the battery unit and it’s capabilities. A good electric bike has a more compact battery with greater power output and these are best because they reduce the overall weight of the electric bike.

  • It’s good to check the voltage of the battery as each type of battery is designed to be used differently. An electric bike running on a 24 volts battery is best suited for flat surfaces like open roads or tracks whereas a larger 48 -72 volts battery will be used for extreme climbing and off-roading or while covering longer distances.
  • While comparing the voltage make sure to keep an eye on the battery capacity as well.  The capacity of the battery is determined in Amp hours and would be represented as AH next to the reading. 

For example if you are interested in two options where one bike has the battery voltage and capacity of 480 Watt hours while the second electric bike has a capacity of 144Watt hours, go for the first one as it will last longer while the second bike with lowered battery capacity will last for a fraction of the time.

Each battery or in some cases battery packs would have unique capacities and this plays a crucial role in determining how far you can travel on that electric bike.

Total Weight the eBike can Support

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

While buying an electric bike you’re going to want to take it out either on a trip or to the grocery store to buy some veggies and it’s not going to look good if you’re unable to carry all your belongings on your electric bike.

Buying an electric bike that can support you weight and extra weight for any reason can prove beneficial in the long run.

  • Since electric bikes are built in the similar fashion as regular bicycles hence their overall max weight load would be roughly the same. Most electric bikes in the market have a maximum load capacity of 300lbs but this is generally 50-75 lbs lesser than the electric bike can actually hold. 

Not to say we’re going to carry anything that heavy on our eBikes but it’s good to know that they’re built to be sturdy and carry us around.

Reviews and Videos of the Bikes Performance 

At times when the product seems too good to be true it’s because it probably isn’t. Going through past reviews or performance videos of the products you’re keen on buying can actually help a great deal. 

Figuring out what others have experienced in the real world is a great way to understand once and for all if that electric bike is meant for you or not.

Keeping all these pointers in mind while searching for an electric bike to buy will surely help you decide on what you truly want. There are electric bikes out there for everyone to enjoy and not only are they beneficial to our overall health, they also help reduce pollution levels across cities.


Always buy an electric bike that has their battery capacity and details of the electric bike are listed. Never go for something that does not have its specs highlighted or are too basic. 

An electric bike is always going to be considered an investment as it helps save a lot of money on the long run. The regular maintenance and service are all you’ll need to keep your bad boy on the road. 

Make it a point to remember the major differentiators such as power, price range, battery capacity, motor type and max weight supported before jumping into something you may regret later.

On that note. Happy electric bike hunting.

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Why You Should Get An eBike

I have always been a motorcycle enthusiast who preferred the weekend cycle run. Little did I know at the time that I would be giving up my motorbike and cycle for a more economical and environment friendly mode of transport. 

All it took was one day on an eBike to show me another side of life that i had never explored. Two years down the line I’m happy with my eBike and have no regrets.

Let me tell you what changed my mind and why it is a good idea for you to get into the whole eBiking scene.

Riding an eBike is Fun
You Get to Workout on your eBike
Cuts your Expenses / Saves you some Money
eBikes are a Fast and Flexible Means of Transportation
Electric Bikes are Environmentally Friendly
eBikes Come with a Variety of Designs
eBikes Come with Removable Battery Cases
Owning an Electric Bike saves Storage Space
eBikes are Great for Climbing Hills

Why You Should Get An eBike

To own an eBike with a pandemic looming over our heads is a great way to feel safe and secure, creating your own little bubble everywhere you go. It beats closed off modes of transportation such as subway services, buses, trams and cars.

Owning an electric bike lets you feel younger, visit new places and take trips on a budget with ease. 

Here are some of the reasons why joining the eBike revolution is beneficial to you in the long run.

Riding an eBike is Fun

Why you Should get an eBike

Who said you have to be young to have fun? eBikes are meant for everyone and the best part is that they are so lightweight and smooth to ride that they can be fun most of the time.

Electric bikes are fun to use modes of transportation as compared to driving a car or sitting in a bus. 

With eBikes you get out more often, you’re able to feel the wind blowing through your hair, the thrill of riding fast and being able to get your heart racing with a broad grin across your face are a few of the things that make owning an eBike a great idea.

The main factor behind why riding an eBike is so much fun as compared to riding a traditional cycle is the fact that you have a feature called pedal assist that converts your regular cycling experience into a full blown biking one with the help of the hub motor. 

You Get to Workout on your eBike

Why you Should get an eBike

Not as much as you would on a normal cycle but so much more than sitting on a bus or taking a cab. Riding an eBike is the solution to all those times you regretted not going to the gym because you were stuck at work or you simply didn’t have time.

Replacing the ways you normally commute with an electric bike will give you the assurance that you’re  at least going to get ‘some’ workout done even if you’re not hitting the gym.

Riding an eBike lets you burn anywhere between 280-350 calories making it the perfect addition in enhancing your healthy lifestyle.

One great workout that you can try with an eBike is to ride uphill without any throttle assistance and then on the way back home make use of the throttle assist and ride freely.

Cuts your Expenses / Saves you some Money

Why you Should get an eBike

Buying an electric bike is not cheap, the good ones are retailed between $1000 – $2500 while there are some which are priced at a higher rate because they’re simply jaw-dropping. 

Practically speaking, owning an electric bike resolves all your financial worries if you play your cards right. 

  • Owning a car comes with hidden costs like insurance renewal, parking charges, service costs, change of parts, new tires, speeding tickets and so many more.
  • The money you end up spending on a regular basis for your electric bike would be just a few cents worth of electricity to recharge your batteries and maybe the occasional service or change of battery. 
  • You save on fuel expenses if you own a car or motorcycle so using an eBike helps save you an easy $500+ per month on these miscellaneous expenses.
  • The amount you spend to service your eBike is only a fraction of what you’d spend quarterly on your car or bike service. This is because there are less parts to work on in an eBike and takes lesser time to have one serviced.

eBikes are a Fast and Flexible Means of Transportation

Why you Should get an eBike

The technology that’s used in electric bikes is what gives you the ability to cover vast distances with little effort. The powerful high capacity battery coupled with a high performance hub motor and a throttle system can get you traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Owning an eBike gives you access to bike routes laid up across cities, this lets you evade the rush hour traffic and get to work earlier than you could have.

They’re flexible to use and can be switched from Manual to Throttle mode with the twist of your wrist.

With an electric bike you can fold it up and carry it with you on your trips. This unique ability to take your eBike anywhere is what makes it a great choice as compared to a regular bicycle or a bike.

Electric Bikes are Environmentally Friendly

Why you Should get an eBike

Two global issues that can blow out of proportion if we don’t play our part correctly are Global Warming and Climate change. Owning an eBike and using it in place of cars and motorcycles for your daily commute can help the earth heal itself on the long run.

eBikes consume less energy and do not rely on fossil fuels to run. However, they do emit small amounts of CO2 on a daily basis which is still a fraction of what is emitted by cars or motorcycles.

They are the most environment friendly electric vehicle in the market and this is because of the small quantities of rare earth elements used to manufacture the battery. Apart from that and the fact that batteries and tires have to be maintained, eBikes are much safer to own and use than conventional modes of transportation.

eBikes Come with a Variety of Designs

Why you Should get an eBike

With technology advancing at the rate that it is, anything is possible. As electric bike companies grow, they tend to produce a variety of designs to accommodate everyone’s needs

eBikes are available in all sizes, high and low seating arrangement, fat and thin tires, step-through or standard bike frame, range of motor sizes and battery capacities covering a wide range of personal requirements. 

However, if none of the eBike variants appeal to you, then rest assured that somewhere down the line there will be one made to suit your needs.

eBikes Come with Removable Battery Cases

Why you Should get an eBike

Charging an eBike has never been easier. Most come with removable battery packs you can unplug and carry in-doors to be recharged. 

What makes this a compelling feature is that you can charge your battery from the comfort of your office so that you’ll have a fully charged battery to use on the way back. 

Even in the case of overnight charging, simply detach the battery case at home and plug it in to charge, when you wake up you will have a fully charged battery at your disposal.

Owning an eBike with a removable battery pack can be the most convenient thing ever. You get to charge your battery anywhere and won’t have to worry about the battery getting damaged in the rain or someone robbing the battery from your eBike.

Owning an Electric Bike saves Storage Space

Why you Should get an eBike

eBikes are compact modes of transport and are not extremely heavy to carry.  For city dwellers storage is not always an option especially if you’re living in a flat. 

Unlike a motorcycle or regular cycle, eBikes can actually be folded and stored without occupying too much space. With this fold-able feature you won’t have to worry about your eBike getting stolen from the street-side and carrying it around with you is easier, be it by car or on the subway.

Fold-able eBikes have always been an adventurers favorite since they can be moved and stored easily in a bag. This makes it easier to have your eBike shipped to other places without having to pay higher amounts for the shipping.

eBikes are Great for Climbing Hills

Have you ever taken your cycle on a trip to a hilltop only to struggle while climbing to the top? With an eBike that is no longer a concern.

Usually equipped with a range of power modes to tackle any situation, eBikes can make your uphill ride a breeze. Twisting the throttle will kick the hub motor into automatic mode, giving you that extra push you need.

Most mountain bikers prefer using an eBike because it allows them to spend less time on the climb and more time navigating the descent (the fun part of mountain biking).

Cons of buying an eBike

Though buying an eBike is a great investment in the long run for a variety of reasons, they do have one or two negative sides to buying one.

  • eBikes are not cheap, as i mentioned before they range from $1000 to well over $2500. Though they don’t require you to spend money every time you use them, they still cost a lot of money.
  • Storing an eBike in a room for a long period of time like over the winter would require you to look after controlling the climate of the room so the metallic components do not rust. 
  • Buying an eBike is not for everyone as some states have laws in place to regulate the use of electric bikes, where you’d have to have a valid license, wear all the required protective gear and follow a designated set of rules.
  • eBike batteries are not always reliable, the more they’re used and recharged the faster they will have to be replaced. 


Getting an eBike is beneficial to users both young and old. I think that with more people getting into using eBikes on a daily basis, we’re sure to live long and healthy lives. 

They’re fun to use, great for a workout on the side and are environment friendly. While using an eBike however, make sure you always stay protected and stay in the designated bike lanes, there are many out there who ride with no care in the world. Your life is precious, make it last.

Do Electric Bikes make Cycling easier?

eBikes do make cycling easier, it’s more convenient and less effort is used. Pedal assist and Full Throttle modes can assist with your ride in case you’re tired or have issues with your knees.

Can we ride an eBike without a Battery?

Yes. At times when you need to charge your battery but also have to step out to the grocery store all you will need to do is unplug the battery from the cycle and pedal away to the grocery store.

Can we ride an eBike in the rain?

Yes. Electric bikes have been designed to have water-resistant wiring and can tolerate rain. You can ride the eBike in the rain but there’s only one thing you must remember if you do so. You must wipe the bike dry. There are metallic components that may rust if they’re left damp or wet.

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