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Dirt Bike Size For 14 Years Old – Best Ever Bike That Fits For Your Child

Dirt Bike Size For 14 Years Old

There are many types of motorcycles. These types describe how the motorcycles are used, or also tells the designer’s intent or some main categories. Has this question ever strike in your mind that Dirt bike size for 14 years old?  The main categories include cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

So, dirt bike is the type in which a motorcycle is designed for use on rough lands, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used especially in trail biking.Today we consider the main idea that what is the accurate size of a dirt bike for 14 years old. Choosing a good or comfortable dirt bike for a 14-year old isn’t easy.

There is a lot to things and choices. But first, we have to study the size of a good dirt bike especially for 14 years old one.  Here are some best bikes for 14 years old boy, you can check out the best

How To Choose A Dirt Bike Suitable For A 14-Year Old:

So, this is the time, dirt bike has much more improved or more stable because it is the starting point of your child’s mere hobby or maybe the passion. Dirt bike at that age group must be dangerous. So safety or child’s hobby or progression is more important. The dirt bikes in this age category range from 100cc and up.

14 year is a teenage, a child in the age group have played high-level games or sports. So, when you choose the dirt bike first see the ability of your child. In that case, consider the kind of bike that would be more suitable for your child by keeping the following factors in mind.

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The factors you should check.

Height Or Size Of Dirt Bike:

When we go to choose the thing especially when we talk about the bike for your child. The first thing that matters is the height of the bike according to the height of your child. Height matters when it comes to the overall safety of your child. It is easy to figure out that will this bike suit them or not by sitting on the seat to see if their feet touch the ground. If they can stand properly then definitely it is too small for them.

If their foot tip touches the ground then it is too large.You can easily judge the size of the bike by simply sitting your child on the bike if the height of the bike or your child’s height is suitable then a dirt bike like this would make your child feel like they hit a rock or a bump on the road. Being unbalanced on their toes is also not good.

Weight Of Dirt Bike According To Age:

The weight of a bike when choosing a dirt bike relates to the amount of suspension. It will changes if your child is a beginner rider weighing less than 100 lbs., or an experienced rider who weighs 200 lbs.

A fit 14-year-old child as a beginner rider can ride faster if they are on the smaller bike but it can affect the suspension of the bike. If your child’s weight is around 150 lbs. or less, the perfect bike would be nearby 250cc. Such a bike would be comfortable than on the dirt road.

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Experience Level Of Rider:

Experience matters a lot as it is the deciding factor when choosing a bike. Let’s suppose if you are a beginner. By knowing the experience level of your child you would be able to pick the right bike. For trainees, you want bikes with automatic clutches and three-speed transmission so they can get used to it before moving to advance bikes.

If a 14-year-old child is tall or fits then only experience matters in choosing a good size dirt bike. If your child is fit or tall but still a beginner then a 300 or 400cc bike would be too powerful for them. But if your child is experienced then choose a bike up to 250cc.

Type Of Engine:

The engine must be of two types one is 2-stroke or the one is 4-stroke. Before buying a bike, the difference between these two strokes must be clear. For a 14-year-old child, 4 stroke is the best option as it delivers power on the rotation of each two crankshafts as acceleration is much smoother, and there are fewer jerking motions.

Power Of Dirt Bike:

For beginners, you have to choose a lightweight dirt bike. Your child must easily handle it until they become more experienced. If you do so then by the time it will be more comfortable and safer to hand them a bike with more than 250cc engine. A 250cc engine dirt bike is ideal for a 14-year old beginner.

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What is A Good Dirt Bike for A 14 Year Old?

A 250cc dirt bike is good enough for a 14-year-old child.

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Which Stroke Engine is Best For A 14-year-old?

A good engine is the main factor of a dirt bike. For a 14-year-old child, 4 stroke engine is the best option.

Which Factor is Noticeable While Choosing A Dirt Bike?

While choosing a dirt bike 3 main factors are noticeable one is height, another one is weight, and three is experience.[/su_box]


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To conclude all this, it is right to say that bike riding is the best outdoor sport for your teenage child if you really want them to experience nature or get some skill then let them allow to go out.

But the thing that we should keep in mind is that the accurate size according to the experience of your child as there are many options in the market. Make sure you have to choose the right bike.[/su_note]

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