How Heavy is an Electric Scooter

How Heavy is an Electric Scooter?

By now you must have surely asked yourself, how heavy is an electric scooter? Well, the answer is not quite simple.

There are numerous factors that determine the weight of a scooter such as the materials used, the size of the motor, and any additional accessories that come along with the scooter.

When you buy an electric scooter, one of the first things to check on is the overall weight of the unit. While this may not seem like an important thing to most, the weight of the scooter can help determine how much load it can actually carry. 

Generally, an electric scooter for an adult would weigh roughly 12-15kgs and can go all the way up to 70kgs for premium fat tire electric scooters. 

Today, we’re going to take you through what the ideal weight of an electric scooter should be, why there are differences in weight across various classes of scooters and also what kind of scooter you should buy depending on your weight group.

Let’s begin!

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How Heavy is an Electric Scooter?

How much do Electric Scooters weigh?

Based on tests conducted, we’ve determined that the average weight for an electric scooter is around 10-15kg. However, this number can change depending on the type of scooter you buy and whether the scooter is specifically designed for heavy people. 

Manufacturers tend to develop scooters for different weight classes and they try to make them as lightweight as possible without compromising on quality and durability. This is important because as a user, you should be able to easily carry and handle the scooter.

For example, the lightest electric scooter on the market is the SoFlow Air Carbon that weighs only 7kg but can hold a maximum of 50kg. Whereas, the heaviest electric scooter out there is the Dualtron X which weighs a whopping 70kg and can hold an adult of up to 150kg without breaking or snapping under the pressure.

What Factors Play a Role in Determining the Weight of an Electric Scooter?

Not all electric scooters weigh the same, and every scooter would have a different weight and load limit. The overall weight of the scooter can vary depending on the materials used, size of the motor and the type of tires on the scooter..

How Heavy is an Electric Scooter
  • Material – Electric scooters are made from either high grade aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber scooters are extremely lightweight and highly durable allowing them to carry young adults up to the weight of 50 kg. Electric bikes that have an aluminum frame are slightly heavier than those with carbon fiber and are less expensive. While carbon fiber may be over 5 times stronger than aluminum, it is more expensive than aluminum or steel and not many scooters come with a carbon fiber frame.
  • Hub Motor- Another component that determines the load of the rider is the size and capacity of the motor. Normally, the larger the motor, the heavier the scooter is and the more load it can carry. Any scooter that comes equipped with a motor that can deliver upwards of 750W would easily be capable of carrying a full grown adult weighing over 50kg.
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How Heavy is an Electric Scooter
  • Scooter Tires – Again, an electric scooter that comes equipped with normal tires would not be suited for heavier adults. This is because the standard tires on an electric scooter are smaller and built to hold only a certain amount of weight. If you do get an electric scooter that’s equipped with fat tires then you can rest assured that the scooter is built to hold a heavy adult.
How Heavy is an Electric Scooter
  • Floorboard – The floorboard is another important component of an electric scooter. They are meant to be durable since you would be standing on it during your commute and would either be made from high grade aluminum, carbon fiber or even industrial grade steel. 

So, there you have it, a number of factors that can alter the weight of an electric scooter and also the overall load it can carry. These are things you should consider and definitely keep in mind when buying an electric scooter for yourself.

Remember, the price of an electric scooter varies depending on the materials used and power it can generate. If you do opt for a heavy scooter then you will have to understand that either more materials were used in the manufacturing process or that extremely high density and high-grade materials were used which would result in the scooter being expensive.

Lightweight Electric Scooters vs Heavy Electric Scooters

There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning an electric scooter. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of heavy and lightweight electric scooters.

Lightweight Electric Scooters

Small and easy to carry in a single handCan carry less load and are equipped with smaller wheels
Ideal for last mile commutesLess durable and components can wear out faster
Can be folded and stored in small spacesLack of power since the motor of the scooter is of a lower capacity
Lower range on the scooter because it runs on a smaller battery 
Lightweight scooters are more expensive because they are made from carbon fiber

Heavy Electric Scooters

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Built to last. Made from high grade steel or aluminumHeavy and can’t be carried easily
Can support heavy adults up to 330lbs Larger than lightweight scooters and at times can’t be folded
Equipped with larger and more durable tiresSome models can be expensive if they are equipped with larger hub motors and battery packs
Longer range since it uses a larger battery
Can hold up to 3000W motor making them some of the most powerful scooters around
Safer to ride and less chances of breaking upon stress

Examples of Electric Scooters and their Weights

Here are a couple of top selling electric scooters in the market today along with their total weight and what load they can carry.

Electric Scooter ModelSpecsWeight of Scooter (lbs/kg)Maximum Load Limit (lbs/kg)
SoFlow Air CarbonTop Speed: 12mph
Range: 18mi
Battery: 250Wh
Nanrobot X4Top Speed: 20mph
Range: 25mi
Battery: 48V
Razor Power Core E100Top Speed: 11mph
Range: 11mi
Battery: 24V
Xiaomi M365Top Speed: 15.5mph
Range: 28mi
Battery: 12800mAh
Nanrobot D5+Top Speed: 37mph
Range: 30mi
Battery: 1217Wh
Dualtron XTop Speed: 62mph
Range: 120mi
Battery: 2940Wh

How does the weight of an electric scooter affect the range?

When you ride an electric scooter, it’s your motor and battery that fight against elemental forces and get you moving. Due to this factor, heavy scooters would use more power and require a larger motor to propel you forward.

Here are some of the main forces that affect your overall range on an electric scooter.

  • Gravity – You will notice the effects of gravity while attempting to ride uphill. If your scooter is not equipped with a powerful enough motor to perform the climb, you will not be able to ride up the hill and would have to double the amount of energy spent by manually pushing the scooter uphill.
  • Rolling Resistance – Similar to the effects of gravity, rolling resistance of your scooter will increase the higher you go and for you to be able to combat this, your scooter will need to be equipped with a powerful enough motor. But, due to the fact that you’re fighting against gravity and the friction between the wheels and road, your overall range will drastically drop and you will be able to cover less distance on a single charge.
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The weight and range of an electric scooter have to go hand in hand. This is why manufacturers are developing scooters and putting them through a wide range of tests to determine their load limits and range.


Can I change the weight of my electric scooter?

Well, the answer to this question is a yes and no. It solely depends on whether the scooter  has been manufactured to be customized. Normally manufacturers limit their scooters to a particular class and you would not be able to make changes to its weight. However, some companies permit swapping out your motor for a larger one and can hold bigger tires that can help increase the weight of your scooter.

Should I get a heavy scooter or light scooter?

Generally, I would advise you to pick a scooter that’s affordable and offers a decent traveling range. If you’re a beginner then it’s best if you start with a lightweight scooter as  they’re built for starting your journey or as last mile modes of transportation. If you’re looking for performance and high speed/stability, then I will suggest getting a heavy scooter.

What do you mean by the maximum weight limit of an electric scooter?

The maximum weight limit of an electric scooter is the total amount of weight the scooter can carry at any given point of time. This is something to consider if you’re going to use the scooter for shopping or if you need to carry some heavy bags along with you. It’s best to choose an electric scooter that can support at least 20kg more than your own body weight.

What happens if you’re too heavy for the electric scooter?

It’s advised to never exceed the maximum load of an electric scooter simply because you can end up damaging the scooter and wasting a whole bunch of money. Exceeding the weight restrictions set by any manufacturer can result in wearing out the tires faster, damaging the motor and even worst case scenario, snap the floorboard in half.

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